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Korg iElectribe voor iPad – 50% korting

augustus 18, 2012 Producten Reacties uitgeschakeld voor Korg iElectribe voor iPad – 50% korting

Als je voor 20 augustus 2012 de Korg iElectribe iPad app koopt, krijg je 50% korting. Voor slechts € 7,99 kom je in bezit van deze virtuele analoge beatbox?

Nog niet bekend met de Korg iElectribe voor iPad? Bekijk dan de bovenstaande video!

Belangrijkste features van de Korg iElectribe:

  • WIST (Wireless Sync-Start Technology)
    This innovation allows a wireless signal to simultaneously start two iElectribe v1.5 and/or iMS20 v1.5 apps on two separate iPads! Now you can perform with a friend or expand your iPad ensemble by using two units at once, expanding the ways you can create and enjoy musical performances. Mix and match Korg iMS20 v1.5 and Korg  Electribe V1.5 apps in new dynamic ways.
  • “AudioCopy” data sharing
    AudioCopy allows the sharing audio data between apps. Now you can copy and paste audio data between apps using the AudioCopy function. Audio data exported from either app can be sent to other apps that support “AudioPaste.”
  • External USB-MIDI control; plus Korg nanoPAD2/ nanoKONTORL2 Native Mode
    The MIDI support implemented in the previous version is now much more advanced. Now, the Korg iElectribe v1.5 supports “Korg Native Mode.” Simply connecting a Korg nanoPAD2 or nanoKONTROL2 to your iPad will automatically complete all MIDI controller assignments.
  • SoundCloud online file sharing
    Korg iElectribe version 1.5 now features the same SoundCloud feature that has received rave reviews from iMS-20 users. Exported audio data can be easily uploaded and shared online at the SoundCloud site while using either app.
  • Support for iOS 4.3 (Added in Version 1.2)
  • MIDI Control (Added in Version 1.2)
    iElectribe Version 1.2 adds MIDI control capabilities by using the Apple Core MIDI features found in iOS 4.2, via the Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit.
  • Audio Transfer Ability (Added in Version 1.1)
    This feature provides the ability to transfer audio from the iELECTRIBE app into a MAC or PC via iTunes, using CD quality wav files. This feature ultimately allows you to use iELECTRIBE patterns and performances in your DAW or video editing software.
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